Visiting Quang Ninh Province has never been easier.

cable queen sun world halong park

Quang Ninh consists a “model” ecotourism system which does not only help tourists discover scenic nature, but also provides experiences at attractive modern entertainment complexes, as well as international 5-star residence services in the near future. Behind the rise of Quang Ninh is a mark of notable investors, leading by Sun Group with numerous projects which create an amazing ecotourism system. Visiting Quang Ninh Province has never been easier. Visitors can straightforwardly reach their destinations by road, by air or even by waterway thanks to Halong – Vandon Expressway over the gorgeous heritage areas, Van Don International Airport and Halong International Passenger Port located in the heart of Bai Chay tourist center, respectively.
👉 For experiences, visitors can also explore this province via journeys to amazing destinations which are known as the novel symbols in the tourism sector of Quang Ninh province nowadays such as: Sunworld Halong Complex in Bai Chay; Modern Cable Car across Halong Bay, Welcome Gate, Halong museum, Cyclone Park, Dragon Park, Sun Wheel,…
Long gone is Quang Ninh’s dependence on nature to attract tourists. Its new eco-tourism is paving the way for Quang Ninh to experience a breakthrough in the race of middle — high-end segment of tourism and to mark its new position in tourist attractions map of Vietnam and the region. Luxury resorts, convenient entertainment complexes, and fascinating cultural events taking place throughout the year also help Quang Ninh’s tourism thrive.A few statistics will be presented for conclusion: Quang Ninh has achieved (the first rank in tourism in the North of Vietnam with the revenue of 24.200 billion VND from 12.2 million tourists) in 2018. Quang Ninh’s 2019 goal in tourism is to welcome 14 million tourists and to gain the revenue of 27.000 billion VND, which is feasible and even to be surpassed.
👉 Quang Ninh, the Dragon land, will certainly become the capital of tourism in Northern Vietnam in the near future.

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