Travel to Hallong bay, Quang Ninh

Visit Halong bay Quang Ninh

It’s almost Christmas, Lunar New Year is coming… if you don’t know where to “drop by” for an exclusive experience during this festive season (with a lot of deals and offers), just go straight to “the gorgeous gem” Quang Ninh right now.
Here’s the list of deals:
🎁 Free Ha Long and Yen Tu sightseeing tour; Free buses from Ha Long to Van Don.
🎁 Up to 50% discount for one of the three parks at Sun World Halong Complex.
Where to go? What to eat? Here’s what we suggest:
1️⃣ If you are an adventure-seekers, challenge yourself in the roads of Binh Lieu, the Spine of Dinosaur, Yen Tu,and the Dream Waterfall. For those “having a lot of energy to spend”, Sun World Halong Complex will be the best choice.
2️⃣ If you fancy a peaceful trip on board while watching the scenery, playing on the beach of untouched beauty will be a whole new exciting experience.
3️⃣ Deals are offered for all services such as hotels and restaurants. Enjoy seafood and local specialties with no worry about the price!
P/S: Da Nang – Van Don flight route has just been made available at Van Don International Airport. What else could you be looking for? Let’s go!

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